Une nuit, lors d'un exercice d'entraînement, un ouragan frappe Panama. Six militaires dont l'autoritaire sergent West disparaissent et il ne reste que deux témoins pour raconter ce qu'il s'est passé.L'agent Tom Hardy, qui travaille pour la Drug Enforcement Administration, est rapidement appelé sur les lieux pour mener l'enquête aux côtés du lieutenant Julia Osborne, qui n'a obtenu aucune information des deux survivants. L'un d'eux a en effet insisté pour ne parler qu'à Tom Hardy. Julia Osborne, surprise par cette demande, s'interroge sur le lien pouvant exister entre ce dernier et toute cette histoire. La vérité sera difficile à obtenir. En tout cas, une chose est sûre, ce n'est pas l'ouragan qui est la cause de la disparition du sergent West et de ses hommes...

Tom Hardy, an ex-Army Ranger turned DEA agent, is drawn into an ever-widening mystery surrounding the disappearance of the feared and often hated Sgt. Nathan West, as well as several of his elite Special Forces trainees on what appears, at first, to have been a routine training exercise during a hurricane in the jungles of Panama. Only two survivors are found, Dunbar, and a badly wounded Kendall, the son of a high-profile Joint Chiefs of Staff official. Neither is willing to cooperate with Capt. Julia Osborne's investigation. So base commander Col. Bill Styles calls in ex-Ranger Hardy, an old friend and a persuasive interrogator. Osborne disapproves of Hardy who is on leave from the D.E.A. after having come under suspicion of accepting bribes from local drug traffickers. She is also uneasy when she learns that Hardy once trained under West and hates him almost as passionately as his current recruits. With time running out, Hardy and Osborne call a temporary, if uneasy, truce. Hardy cajoles a confession out of Dunbar, who claims that Sgt. West and the missing Rangers have been murdered and their bodies blown away by the hurricane. When they later interview Kendall, he confirms that the other Rangers and West are dead. But, in almost every other way, his story contradicts Dunbar's. What happened to West and his Ranger team? And what were they really doing out there in the jungle? As each layer reveals more lies and greater deceptions, Hardy and Osborne inch towards the horrible truth about the fate of the missing Rangers.

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Date de sortie
18 avril 2003
Durée du film
98 minutes
Action Adventure Drama Mystery Thriller
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